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My favorite thing to photograph is everything. I take pictures of people, places, and events that make me curious. If I am successful, the resulting photographs create more questions than answers in a graphically-elegant way. And then, there's the magic part. For me it is the way photography bridges the disciplines of art, science, and mathematics. It's my opinion that photographers are the nerds of the visual arts world because of the medium's reliance on physics, chemistry, and now silicone and algorithms.

Professionally, I have worked in London, England and in the United States as a photographer's assistant and as a photojournalist. Currently, I teach high school art. My overarching goal as an educator is to help my students create not only for creativity's sake, but to hone their visually literacy. My job is to help them find ways to navigate the visual world via the study of art production and interpretation.

I shoot, process, and print black and white film from 35mm to 4x5".
All my color work is digital with minimal post production.
I create portraits and cover events on request.